About Us

Mushroom is a shop selling various of beautiful things for making your day happier, which encompasses fashion accessories, household goods and home decoration. They also come to represent a style of art and craft that's simple charming, fun and life aesthetic.

Unique & Very Selective Collection 
- Very selective collection from the, like US, UK, Holland, Denmark, Sweden Belgium, Japan, Thailand and China
- Mushroom Design Products

- Including fashion accessories, household goods, furnitures, lighting, home decoration, Kitchenware, personal accessories & kids products..etc

Affordable Price
- To allow customers to ride the lifestyle and trends, whatever budget customer will get more value for money.

Mushroom  從2011 開業以來一直努力保持自己的獨特風格, 也一直希望給予顧客們有多點選擇, 在不同的分店里你會發現種類繁多的商品,商品從小的首飾到家居用品,個性時裝配飾到自家出品時裝。